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Welcome To Halcyon Realm


Hi all,

Over the last week and into the next few weeks, upper staff with the aid of a few members and staff, we will be making some changes which make the way you use commands easier. The process will being with a tool for admins as they have the most commands to use and often get long. This tool for admins will be a beta tester for the planned member commands. Once we have completed and tested the admin tool, we will make the member version. After we release the first version to members, I will start a thread look for you suggestions and issues with it.

Spawn progress is continuing slowly with more builds being added as land is created. Currently no members are required to help build section of this world.

Thanks, Jack

[Member] LetThereBe_LIGHT D By command tool, is it like when you type /help or /essentials and you see the list of commands that are available for u...

Contest Winners

[Op] Srexx VOTEDD posted May 5, 16
The Build contest is officially finished!
Thank you to all of the amazing entries, but sadly there can only be one winner. 
WhalePoacher mystic1706

Huge thank you to Whale, Mystic, Daymusik, JackTheAussie, and Puppy for participating and making this build contest possible. 

4th and 5th place gets $50,000 in game money!

Player Score
Daymusik 457
Whale 423
Mystic 405


[Member] PuppyWups D gg peoples!
[JnrMod] ShadowWolfEX_3 They were all excellent, fantastic, and amazing machines!
[Owner] TheSamus aVOTEDD Congratulations Everyone!

Server downtime

[StaffM] JackTheAussie aVOTEDD posted Apr 28, 16

FINAL UPDATE: WE ARE UP! all fixed. Kudos to our dev der for fixing it on his vacation 

I will run a 2x XP rate for mcmmo for 2 days an appology for the down time. Any further issues message staff.


UPDATE 2: We have found the issue. The server is online for now, it will take a few hours to fix the issue properly. Please avoid the mall as that is the area where we think the issue is. I will run the double xprate for mcmmo for a few days and may run it over the weekend as well depending on how long it takes for us to properly fix the issue. The sheep has been caught and is being interrogated.

UPDATE: Inital investigations point towards a Sheep having chewed through the servers cables. Search for the sheep is underway.

We are currently investigating the server being offline.

Please bear with us while we try find a fix and a cause.


In the mean time please admire this video of a kitten chasing a ping pong ball

[Member] NobleJay VOTEDD I too love the cat, wish I could save it lol
[Op] Srexx VOTEDD i must've watched this video 50 times by now...
[JnrMod] ShadowWolfEX_3 DER WAS ON VACATION!? O-o