Minecraft vs Terraria: Comparison and Opinion

[Owner] Srexx aVOTEDD posted May 29, 18

Finally, I’ve got the opportunity to compare these two undoubtedly great games: Minecraft and Terraria. Although I have already been playing Minecraft for a relatively long time and I like this game, I still can’t say that it is better or somehow equal to Terraria. I just can’t. At least, because of Terraria being represented as a usual 2D platformer game with many different funny items and monsters, while Minecraft is some kind of an exploration simulator, in my opinion.


There are practically no friendly NPC’s, no numerous enemies, mobs or minions, etc. If you don’t play with friends, Minecraft is going to get you bored in a couple of days. Yes, Minecraft receives updates more often than Terraria, but they seem to me as something that worsens the game, as if the developers want to make the gameplay duller and slower.

Plus, there are many cheaters and generally toxic people on servers, and that scares me. Of course, this kind of players is mainly represented by school pupils and brainless children. While in Terraria, you can transfer the fully geared-up character with all its items in the inventory to the multiplayer server, in Minecraft you need to start it all from “zero”. And it is good if the server is playable, without the admins who are only traders. That’s not rare for those traders to offer some gameplay improvement items for donation nowadays.


If I forget about all pluses and minuses of both projects including epic lags and bugs of Terraria, then these two games are almost equal for me. All their pluses make them literally equal. But there are more players in Minecraft, no matter how strange this fact is. And nobody ever sold Minecraft for $1.5…

So, what should you play? Well, literally nothing can save you from cheaters, children, and (excuse me) idiots. They are in both projects, and you can’t do a thing about that. The only salvation that can improve Terraria: developers can have a negotiation with VALVE and launch the Steam Guard service and cloud character storage for their project.

That is the measure which really can destroy all the fools and cheaters instantly and make normal players laugh like evil imps. But still, there is no such feature for Terraria yet. Until it is introduced, you can buy both Terraria or Minecraft and play the game. You won’t regret that, especially if you play on our server.